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so heres the deal … every1 who wants to be in the special commenters section thats gonna be on the top of the blog comment here wit a short bio  … like 2 or 3 lines.  ill consolodate those n then put em all in 1 place.  not sure how to deal wit the pics by ur names, but ill figure somethin out.

update:  if u have a blog post a link to that too if u want … if u already answered i can add it to ur comment

updated again:  if u wanna add ur emails … just reply to ur post n ill move em into ur 1st post later

so yea just bios in here no comments … that cool?



86 Responses to “mikey nation – whos who”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    Hey, I’m Madeleine. Just your typical Canadian girl; big supporter of LGBT rights and big hockey fan. Also love horses. And yeah, I write gay erotic fiction, so hit me up if you’re interested, haha.

    blog: http://www.savedbytheblog14.blogspot.com

    email: crazyhorse_madeleine@hotmail.com

  2. Jake Jackson Says:

    At 52, I might be the oldest commenter. Cynic and prickly (occasionally without the -ly) on the surface, not to mention more than a little pedantic and wordy, but a heart of gold. On the gay front, and some other fronts, trust me, I’ve earned my stripes.


    p.s.: So anyone knows I am absolutely not trolling for young people. Ain’t my thing. Put this here ’cause someone suggested adding e-mail addresses.

    • Jake Jackson Says:


      p.s.: So anyone knows I am absolutely not trolling for young people. Ain’t my thing. Put this here ’cause someone suggested adding e-mail addresses.

  3. Austin Says:

    Austin, professional oddball/geek. Love poetry, long walks on the beach, and discussing the entropy loss associated with large-scale quantum singularities. I came out at 13 and have spent a lot of free time since then trying to help people change their perspectives on life.

  4. Zwieb Says:

    Hey- I’m Zwieb (pronounced “zweeb”), a high school senior, and I’m from Minneapolis suburbia. I’m a huge supporter of LGBT rights, and I’m a huge fan of music, theatre and having fun, and I’m also interested in politics, sociology and psychology.

  5. green and purple Says:

    I chose the dumb name of “green and purple” and I’m kinda stuck with it now, lol. I’m a gay, married (to another man, of course) parent to a six year old son. I’m one of the many that Mikey converted into a blogger.

    email: greenandpurplelizard@gmail.com

    • green and purple Says:

      My email is greenandpurplelizard@gmail.com

    • green and purple Says:

      blog greenectomorph.blogspot.com

  6. hockeyiscanada Says:

    My name is Jimmy n I am no longer Canadium. Mikey says I am Manitobium – n I like that waaay better. I’m a student and an ass. Both, completely interchangeable or in unison. I too thought bloggers were jus creepy old men. Now, I know it’s more diverse. There are creepy Minny-teens too!

  7. MSU DW Says:

    Whats up – David Wayne here from Michigan. I’m a Sr. at Michigan State and Graduate in May. I’ll be doing a two year deal with TFA in Phoenix before coming back to MSU for medical school. I coach and play hockey, lacrosse, and tennis. I’m on the MSU Triahtlon Club team and enjoy sports, nutrition, and overall competitive things. Recently out and hoping to finally live my life!

  8. Emma Says:

    I’m Emma, I’m 23, and I grew up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, though now I live in Philadelphia. I’m a science nerd who loves going to concerts/shows and now apparently hockey games.

  9. FightingSioux12 Says:

    Hey, name’s Andrew. I’m a senior at the Univ. of North Dakota, majoring in Wildlife & Fisheries Mgmt. Grew up in a burb north of Mpls, but have been living in ND for the last four years. I’m only out to a few friends and plan on coming out to the fam when I graduate. Played hockey growing up but never in HS and now just mostly focus on school and following the hockey team around whenever possible.

  10. green and purple Says:

    Mikey, how about with the bios we add our email addresses (optional, of course) so that if we want to comment to someone without posting it on your blog we can email him or her directly? I haven’t figured out how to look up someone’s email address from your site.

  11. rangerstan Says:

    Three sentences or less on whom I am -middle age gay guy with a husband, Minneapolis home, grew up on Iron Range in a huge hockey family, love watching college hockey more than NHL, way too involved in GLBT causes in MN and loves pizza probably even more than Mikey

    • firstlinewinger Says:

      I love Mikey way more than pizza!

  12. firstlinewinger Says:

    FLW, I grew up, played youth hockey and HS hockey for an outstate Mn school. Played in the Mn HS State Tourney, was never a firstlinewinger, till now. I’m a SCSU fan and (closeted gopher fan) I’ve never said that out loud..Jeez, all of a sudden I feel free!

  13. Craig Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m a gay semi pro footballer or soccer (silly americans). I don’t comment that much but I read every post. Mikey and others inspired me to start blogging to so if you wanna know more about me.


    Peace Craig

  14. Ed Says:

    Hi I’m Ed. I’m a 41 and an out gay man since I was 25 and and Flyers fan since I was born. I’m both an IT guy and have 15 years as an EMT. I’m now Deputy Chief. I found Mikey Nation through OutSports.


  15. SwimmerDude Says:

    as my nickname indicates, i’m a competitive swimmer (still) and marketing exec in silicon valley with 2 kids young enough to still adore their dad. i love great food & wine and actively support sustainable food practices (organic, locally grown, proper animal treatment, no chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, etc…which means i never buy anything at costco)



  16. tosh Says:

    im, tosh, short for theodore. @madeline, i been ridin english since i was like 8. im orig from upstate ny.

  17. kylexy Says:

    Hey Im Kyle XY,
    I’ve only commented once but since Rich and I are best
    friends, and reading this blog has helped me to better understand him I thought I’d like to be included in the fun.I live down the street from Rich and we’ve been best friends since the 2nd. grade. I play baseball for our school (ss) and I want to do all I can to support my bf!

    Kyle XY
    ps plus somebody has to look out for the big dumb ass might as well be me …who knows maybe someday I can get him to write like a normal person

    • Kyle XY Says:


  18. Rockeye1 Says:

    Bill, born on the left coast, went to school on the gulf coast, live on the right coast – Boston. Military brat who lived in the Far East. Served in the Middle East. Rock-eye was a radio call-sign.

  19. Joey Says:

    joey here. been followin mikey’s blog for a month now i think. just like taylor i was inspired to write a blog too because of mikey. i’m a 20 year old closet case living in toronto.

    blog’s at http://www.biangularshape.blogspot.com

  20. Karen From Rochester Says:

    I’m Karen. I’m a recently widowed mom with 2 daughters. I am a civil engineer and work for a municipal organization. I found Mikey’s blog via Bourne’s blog and come here to read the posts and witty repartee and get a smile. Occasionally, I’ll chime in with a comment, but most of the time I just enjoy reading. : O )

  21. Joel Says:

    I was born on the Ides of March, 1936. I have always been a supporter of civil rights of all kinds, and I was at the 1963 Martin Luther King March on Washington. I am bisexual, married, and I have always been loyal to my wife. Back in 1999, I put up a website about trading stocks and mutual funds, and I have a monthly journal which today would be called a blog. While I have never been athletic, I have always worked out and tried to be in good shape. You might find some of the stuff on my site amusing (particularly about the dogs).


  22. A Says:

    I’m Andrew. I grew up in Wyoming coming from a very conservative family but i got out of there as fast as i could. I’m a sophomore in college. I love sports. I Ski raced and played soccer throughout high school. I am not out to anybody. I have only been following Mikey for a month and it is good to know that there are some people out there like me.

  23. Fred Says:

    Hi, I am a 48 y.o. former high school coach who found Mikey’s blog through Outsports. I am back in school for a career change, and believe in helping out the younger generation in their journey out into this big ol gay world! Live in Phoenix, maybe I should be following the Coyotes? (What do you think about that Mikey, worthwhile?)

  24. Selma1dude Says:

    Hi, I’m a 39 y.o. gay guy living in California’s beautiful Central Valley. I also found Mikey’s blog through Outsports. I’m new to computers and to the blog world. I’m not out to many people so I understand what Mikey’s going through. I’m hoping to learn alot about “Mikey Nation” and hopefully learn something about myself along the way.

  25. Matt Says:

    I’m Matt, 29 years old and out to most people. I’m involved in politics and studied political science for both my undergraduate an graduate degrees. I’ve been following Mikey’s blog since I read about it on Outsports.com and although I comment only once in a while, I really enjoy reading Mikey’s posts and the discussions that they generate. I’ve spent the last three years learning how to play hockey (and skate) and as a result, have found a new pastime / hobby / form of release that I really enjoy.

  26. Joe Says:

    Hey folks. Not a huge commenter, but been a reader since the Outsports story. Have asked Mikey my share of questions over on the formspring site. 40, small town lawyer on the East Coast. Mostly a fan of Baltimore and Philly teams, plus my college. Sadly, can never watch my team play anything or they’ll lose. Like they did Saturday. Heartbreaking, and it was my fault. Mostly in the closet, with a long-term long-distance relationship. Too long distance. Hope everyone’s doing well.

  27. robert Says:

    i’m robert from red bluff, ca. My mikey (that’s his name, really,) and I live on a farm with 6 dogs and a donkey. We’ve been together 30 years, the 1st 25 in SF. I’m also from Outsports and I sure enjoy this blog. Shows not much has changed since I was in hs back in the ’60’s. Like Mikey I noticed boys when I was 12 and waited for things to change and they never did. So I spent my time racing slalom and downhill (I’m from Colo.). To this day skiers are the sexiest athletes around and I love snow so much I shovel walks for free (love the post about jake shoveling the deck w/mikey inside, watching.)

    • robert Says:

      here is my email address: redbluffshadows@yahoo.com

      comment: umm having bios is a great idea. i think we have a great group of people.Idon’t follow many blogs but i hit the jackpot with this one.

      how do i add a pix?

      • Mikey Says:

        go up to the top of the blog n click the tab on the net n theres a post in there on how to add 1

  28. Rob Says:

    Hey, Rob here from Hunterdon county NJ. I’m mostly a lurker, occasionally posting when I feel like the Sabres are at risk for smack talking. I’m one of the (hopefully not so creepy) old guys here, 49. My partner of 17 years and I live with four dogs and a tortoise.

  29. ref91 Says:

    I’m 18 and from Canada. I am a junior hockey linesman am out to my family, close friends, and the guys I work with. I’ve been reading Mikey’s blog since I found a link on Outsports.com.

  30. Luke Says:

    My name is Luke, I’m 25y/o and work in financial markets in Brazil. Besides English I also speak and write in spanish, portuguese and started learning french.

    I come here because I’ve great friends, read intelligent thoughts, wise perspectives, icing explanation, truly caring advices, wise-ass jokes, more icing explanation, heartfelt sorrow and that surviving help that a lot of kids need.

  31. Tyler Says:

    Hey, Tyler here. Im a 16 y/o closeted hockey player in California who is working to become a pilot. Im new to this community, my comments few and far between, but I still have benefited from Mikey’s blog just the same. I have one of my own and you can learn more about me there.

  32. Samantha - a chick who likes hockey Says:

    I didn’t pick a real “username.” I’m in my mid-20s, and a gay girl who grew up in south Florida but somehow has loved hockey since the 4th grade. I went to college in Pittsburgh, and have earned my right to root for the Penguins. I like Fleury, so make fun of Sid all you want. I work in marketing doing statistics. I don’t have a blog, but I do sell my art online http://www.etsy.com/shop/dionyza

    • Joel Says:

      I like the portafliter, but what is it?

  33. Tyler Says:

    Hey, Tyler here. Im a 16 y/o closeted hockey player in California who is working to become a pilot. Im new to this community, my comments few and far between, but I still have benefited from Mikey’s blog just the same. I have a blog of my own and you can learn more about me there.

  34. aaron Says:

    well i am a 35yo otr trucker from louisiana. oh and im gay. i am also managing a musician, http://www.vinfischer.com (oh come on i’d be a bad manager if i didnt put the web site). i really enjoy reading this blog and the comments because i love seeing the gay youth of america grow. when i was a part of the youth never dream of admitting to self let alone the world. now i see youth coming out and others thinking about it and talking. it makes me hope for the future. so thnx mikey and the rest of you for giving me hope

    • aaron Says:


  35. Alex Says:

    My name is really Alex (named after the great one), in Toronto, although I once used krivoyrog. I’m an ageing baby boomer lecturing and consulting in my field. If you’re desperate for a pic, here’s my blog: http://sandwindstars.blogspot.com Visit at your own risk since it’s probably more boring than M’s “boring” life. I’ve been follower since late Dec, and found M’s ramblings and quirky mind intriguing. That includes his choice of photos, and hockey lectures. Btw., M, when you’ve finally trademarked and branded your blog for some ridiculous amount like $184 m, does this mean your special commenters get a piece of the royalty?

  36. tsuyoikuma Says:

    29 yo, guy in California. Not Japanese despite my name – more half Honduran/half northern European mutt. Came out at 13 to everyone in a small northern California former lumber/hippie fest town. Good times all around! Not really a jock ever apart from the gym, but am enjoying learning about the hockey.

  37. michael04elliot Says:

    I am Michael early 20’s pretty new to the blog world from the mid- west and looking to make great friendships.

  38. david Says:

    hi…. i’m a 45 yr old gay man in conservative so cali… i played hockey until i got too sick…. yeah, i have a.i.d.s…..
    i read mikey’s blog every day, and occasionally comment n such…. i’ve been out since i was like 19… it’s tough livin a double life…
    reading this blog and all the comments keep me feelin young…
    – cheers….. david

  39. Chad Says:

    I’m Chad, a 20 year old Mormon from the suburbs of Salt Lake. I’m out and happy, going to a private liberal arts school here in Salt Lake. I found the blog through Outsports. I’m not much of a commenter, but after hearing Mikey on Ben and Dave I felt I should show some love.

  40. ConfusedGradMN Says:

    23 years old living in the Twin Cities. Been following since the OutSports story. Confused about my sexuality but nice to read about someone else talk about it. Obviously by my name you can see that I’ve been inspired by Mikey to blog. Don’t comment much but always enjoy reading here, particularly these Maddy stories I hear about all the time…


  41. Kai Says:

    Hey I’m Kai from Malaysia. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s a small country in the South East Asia. I have just started a blog, it’s still new but I’ll be adding more posts over time.

    And I’m a big fan of this blog. Thanks for sharing your stories Mike 🙂

  42. Erik Says:

    Hey im Erik, an out 21 year old from a southern suburb of the twin cities. Im currently in chicago studying environmental engineering. In hs I was in nordic skiing and cross country, and I played hockey through bantams. Now all i really have time for is running and studying.

    Ive been a follower since outsports. Never commented before but figured this would be as good of a time as any to jump in.

  43. Steve Says:

    I am Steve, a 26 year old software engineer in the southern US. I am also a part time graduate student finishing. I have been “out” to family for only a few months, but I’ve been “out” to my friends since high school. I have a blog, but it’s just a bunch of nonsense 🙂

  44. Robbie Says:

    name’s Robbie. started reading the blog after the outsports story and have commented a couple times. I’m 19 and am currently a Tae Kwon Do instructor at my school. tried the whole blogging thing a while ago, but deleted it. might take it back up again


  45. Robbie Says:

    name’s Robbie. Found this blog through outsports have have commented a couple times. I’m 19 and a Tae Kwon Do instructor at my school. Attempted to start a blog before, but deleted it. might take it back up again. In case anyone’s interested: http://gayfighter.blogspot.com/

  46. Jamie Says:

    hey I’m Jamie, a 22 year old football player in Scotland. Recently become an Ice Hockey fan thanks to Mikey and all you Mikey-world hockeyists, and now a true Edinburgh Capitals faithful!

  47. Tri Says:

    Femmy, Asian & Lady GaGa fan… everything Mikey dislikes in a homo 😉 17 yro senior in colorado and got addicted to this from outsports.com

    • Mikey Says:

      dude i know id like u …. im not a lady gaga fan but dont care if u r … i like asians … n have several friends who r n have nothin gainst femmy guys their just not my type. so yea dude i bet wed get along good

  48. Jake Jackson Says:

    I don’t know whether to be pissed off or relieved that there’s someone older than me here. 😉

  49. Albert Says:

    I am a 47yo gay communications Manager slash novelist who lives three meters below sea level in clogg land. Single against my will, not even a cat can bear my presence. Found Mikey through Outsports.com, was at first fascinated by Mikeyspeak, enjoy now foremost the Mikey Nation atmosphere. Got also interested in hockey but recently found out that our local hockey team did not play this season due to sponsor issues. They plan to come back in the 2010/2011 season and I plan to attend every home game (They play within spitting distance of my house. Who knew?). E-mail: albertg@gmail.com

  50. OberonOZ Says:

    I came to Mikeynation via Towleroad and the Outsports article. Stayed because I really like listening to what Mikey has to say and how he says it, (much more than the hockey I must admit! hehe), also I really like the Mikeynation community that has grown up here. Im 48 soon and I live in Western Australia – so not a lot of ice here, outside of fridges and bars hehe!! Im gay and am happily single at the moment. Lots of good friends luckily and am passionate about music!! Love going to concerts etc. I check this out daily, so will definitely be around even if I dont post that regularly.

  51. Herr Moguls Dude Says:

    Hey everyone, I’m Dave from Bah-stun, 48 y/o, gay, have a boyfriend of 14 years and our doggie, and loving life. I found Mikey through Outsports. I played soccer growing up and have been swimming laps continuously since 18, but my sport passion is and always has been skiing–and I ski the pants off guys half my age. 🙂 I’m a biz owner/executive, used to be the adult advisor to the local gay/lesbian youth group, and one of these days hopefully I’ll become the person my dog thinks I really am.

  52. JustinCT Says:

    Guess I have to get in on the fun! Found this joint, like so many others, through Outsports. I’m one of the ‘elders’ at 36. Out since I was 15 so I guess that doubly makes me an elder (good God – 1989?!). Runner in HS, crew in college, and now a duathlete (google it). I also mentor a gay kid which might be why I like this blog so much – helps give me some extra insight.

  53. Alan Says:

    Hi,I’m a lawyer,senior exec in corporate HO in Toronto and out to family and friends.I played waterpolo in hs and at university and am a life long frustrated Leafs fan.

  54. Chad Says:

    I’m a college kid in NY. Bisexual but not out. Really, really into basketball (favorite sport), baseball and football (and some hockey also). if there are any other (preferabbly good lookin lol) college aged dudes around NY, email me csmith9210@yahoo.com

  55. Mick in Detroit Says:

    Hey all. Also came upon this blog via towleroad and outsports. I’m in my early 30s, a lawyer in private practice, and have been happily partnered for just about 5 years. I’m a former Marine, I played HS sports, mainly basketball..and while I was no slouch, I’ve been completely out shined by my younger brother who plays in Europe now. I was in a fraternity in college and I bleed green and white- Go Michigan State!

  56. John Says:

    Hey, I’m John, a 21 y.o. gay law student in L.A. I found out about the blog through Outsports, and really connected with what mikey was saying- especially because I grew up in the midwest.

  57. Cory Says:

    started following after reading about it in outsports Just an everyday gay in minneapolis partnered for twelve years consider myself out but people still dont get it.. 41 yrs old and wishing there was a blog like this when I was younger could have made things so much easier. cxander98@yahoo.com

  58. Chuck Says:

    I’m just signing up to show my support for this blog and the community it’s got going. So, so needed, with a great message that’s come around none too soon 🙂

    I’m 27 and live in California, tho I hail from the midwest originally. Lots of this sounds way familiar!

  59. TominBrewTown Says:

    Hey everyone. Have been following Mikey for a while now, either through Towleroad or Outsports I don’t remember. Well let’s see, I’m 34, originally from the suburbs of Hockeytown, and now live in Beer City. Haven’t really commented much, maybe a couple of times under a different handle. Think maybe I’ll start commenting more. This blog has a different feel than most I’ve found and the atmosphere is great. I like most of the older followers wish something like this would have been around when I was Mikey’s age.

  60. Femmes Says:

    I’m a college athletic administrator in California, out as a dyke at work. Rural-raised and urban-living queer femme performer and athlete. Swimmer in HS, rower in college, and about to run my first half-marathon. Mikeynation inspires me, makes me laugh, and reminds me how much work there is to do about homophobia in sport.

  61. Marie Says:

    Rural-raised and urban-living queer femme performer and athlete. I’m a college athletic administrator in California, out as a dyke at work. Swimmer in HS, rower in college, and about to run my first half-marathon. Mikeynation inspires me, makes me laugh, and reminds me how much work there is to do about homophobia in sport.

  62. the other Fred Says:

    I arrived via Towleroad and Outsports mostly to let Mikey know I’d have his back since I’m also in the Twin Cities. But I quickly learned there are lots of people here who would have his back. I stay because Mikey seems like a pretty cool guy and I’m a hockey fan who thinks the MN State Hockey Tournament is the best sporting event in Minnesota! I also have an ex bf who’s a pro athlete (ex because he’s too closeted). So Mikey and his story is a little close to home in many ways.

  63. Joe in Philly Says:

    I’m Joe, and I’m in Philly. But you probably guessed that by now. 😉 I’ll be 48 in less than a month. Like so many others, I learned of Mikey and his blog from Outsports. Once I saw that he said Sidney Crosby was whiny, I was hooked. I’m amazed by how this has turned into an online community. I’m also a little jealous because Mikey has a lot more people reading his blog than I do. 😉 To keep this short, if you want to find out more about me visit my blog and go from there.


  64. BiSportzDude Says:

    Hey Mikey Nation, I’m currently 24 years old living the life in New York City and you can call me BiSportzDude or BSD. I like sports especially baseball and football but I’m attracted to both men and women. Oh gets worse I’m still closeted. Hence why I didn’t reveal my name. Thanks to Mikey I started my own blog http://bisportzdude.blogspot.com/ and you can email me anytime at BiSportzDude@yahoo.com.

  65. eric Says:

    I’m Eric, full-time lurker and occasional commenter in MikeyNation; I’m a 20-something Canadium who used to think he was a sarcastic ass until he met Jimmy. I spend my time workin for the man, which involves wayyy too much travel, and as a result I don’t play nearly enough hockey anymore.

  66. jenn Says:

    i’m jenn, i’m 28 and a native washingtonian. i live in arlington, va and work in washington, dc as a medical speech-language pathologist. i went to undergrad at ohio state and grad school at boston university, and i’m a huge sports fan – i was born a mets fan (my dad’s from queens) and will always hate the yankees. i’m proud to have a reason to cheer in several of the greatest rivalries in the history of sports. i bleed scarlet and gray, especially for buckeye football, basketball, and hockey. i support terrier hockey – especially against the BC eagles. i love pro sports, too, and am a season ticket holder for the washington redskins. i go to as many capitals games as i can, and try to go see the nationals play at least once a month all spring and summer long… as for the wizards, well, they’ll be back.

    • jenn Says:

      probably should have included something about being queer… and i think i got here from outsports? i honestly can’t remember.

  67. Jon B Says:

    Hi, I’m Jon. I’ve only commented a few times, but I read the blog daily. Anyway, I’m 26 years old, just graduated law school, but decided that I didn’t want to practice which obviously thrilled my parents. I wanted to be a writer, however no magazines or newspapers are/were currently hiring. So now I’m doing TV production, and I kind of hate this too. Basically, I’m in the middle of finding out that I hate working, which kind of sucks. I just moved back to NYC after being in Atlanta for college and DC for law school. Couldn’t be happier to be back after 7 years. I came out to my family and friends in college, and luckily everyone was amazing. I’ve never really been that into sports, but almost all of my friends are straight guys who love sports, and this blog has actually helped me get into sports a bit more. I found my way here from Towleroad and Outsports.

  68. T Says:


    I’m a Canadian (Canadium as Mikey apparently likes to say), 30 something, and have been an avid hockey fan (and player too) since I was about 6 years old. Have skated since I was like 3.

    Came across the blog I think through Outsports and like it for the fact that it shoots down the gay stereotypes and although there’s a generation gap between me and Mikey – and a huge border and several thousand miles/kms between us, I can relate to so much of what he says, and hope I can add some insight from my life experiences and still maybe learn a thing or two from his life experiences.

  69. rich no longer closet boy Says:



  70. rich no longer closet boy Says:


  71. Potvin Sucks! Says:

    I’m Phil from NYC, 30 y/o been in the NYC area for about 10 years, originally from Nor Cal. Love football, baseball and hockey. Love/hate relationship with basketball. When it comes to my teams I’m all over the map. If you can’t figure it out from the name huge Rangers fan, being from the bay area I’m a SF Giants fan, and in football I’m a Cowboys fan thanks to my stepdad. Could be worse he could of made me a Islanders fan like some people. And I’m sure Mikey hates me now that he knows I’m a Cowboys fan. Work in a sports related career. I’m not out in my career, it’s not the most openminded field. Read Mikey’s blog from Outsports, and here to just support him and to bust Jimmy’s balls. So far I think I’m doing a good job.

  72. Tom Says:

    sophomore in chicago in high school and varsity swimmer. I love you because i feel so much like i can relate to you. Swam since i was nine, and i have good friends there that i am afraid to come out to even tho i really want to. can you see our emails?

  73. blackhawkfan Says:

    Closeted guy living in Chicago, raised in the Midwest and went to the University of Illinois-big fighting Illini fan and love our Blackhawks. Plan on staying closeted for now as I work in the Sports and Recreation field so I know what Mikey is going through and admire his outlook. This is the most I have told pretty much anyone about myself-I feel very comfortable talking with everyone here. Thanks!

  74. dave Says:

    I got here through Outsports and I love the attitude of the people here, starting with Mikey. I’m older, 53, but have played recently with the NY Gay Hockey Association and hope to return. I’m a writer/editor, pushing my organization, A Thousand Moms, to help gay youth in foster care. Been addicted to hockey since my Uncle John, who worked for the Rangers, took me and my brothers to games every Sunday night. Great memories of having him take us to the ice to meet the players, including Mr. Bobby Orr.

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