What the heck is this?

This is not an active blog.  It is an archive of a blog that existed from fall of 2009 through the spring of 2010.  When the community hosting service that was providing web space for the blog received evidence that made it clear that the blogger writing as “Mikey” was not who he claimed to be they pulled the plug on the blog.   Given that the contents of the blog was about 10% “Mikey”  and 90% commenting readers the webserver backed up the blog and placed it here as a “read only” archive for those people who left comments and wanted their writing to not be destroyed.

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Puck this n other puckin puns…

Yea Firstlinewinger sent me this lil gem. I dunno why but when I look at that, I see a Flyer fan. What a puckhead. Jus a quick hockey update n then I’ll let ya go… Read the rest of this entry »

Puck That! Goalies aren’t Weiurd


Our buddy Luke suggested I might do (jus do something damn it!) a post about goaltenders – and jus like a cute boy with a cum-hither smile, ya don’t hafta ask me twice! The above is a great pic of Ken Danby’s iconic painting ‘At the Crease’.

Created in 1972, it was always a mystery who this goalie was. Mr. Danby intended to take this secret to his grave n only said it was “…never intended to represent a particular player, but simply the personification of a goalie.” A fellow hockey historian – some dude named Gretzky helped crack this nut… The goalie in question is none other than Dennis Kemp – who toiled the twine for the Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters for a few years in the late ’60’s…

This print is on my bedroom wall at home – right near my game-used autographed Bobby Orr stick (Mikey u can look – but can’t touch) (That’s NEVER what he  said). I have spent hours staring at this picture. It is haunting. It is seductive. The detail. The subject matter. As the National Art Gallery of Canada touts: “…one of this country’s defining works of art.” Priceless! Read the rest of this entry »

No Way (San) Jose!

Wow is hockey ever like life huh? The ‘Shards’ played their balls off – had 51 shots or somethin, then scored on themselves. Life Hockey can be really unfair…

So not much to say today. Sorry. Exams n other shit jus kinda reach up n overwhelm you sometimes. I dunno… But jus like the San Jose Sharks, there’s always another game, right? Yea, always another game. Well, at least two more for them…

Maybe I’ll try n come up with somethin later to say but didn’t want you to think I’m neglecting my duties. I wouldn’t do that to Mikey. I could still write bout my buddy’s wedding but for the life of me, can’t remember why I was gonna tell ya in the first place. Whatever… just talk amongst yourselves. If I don’t see ya later today, then hopefully, I’ll have somethin more for ya tomorrow… Later ~ J

Get some sleep College Boy!

Yea I thought I would show ya the Phoenix Coyote’s original logo ~ as well as a sneak peek of their future logo. Ain’t continuity cool? 

Since I left y’all hangin yesterday with my wedding story, I better finish huh? Potvin’s on the edge of his seat for sure… Just a warning tho – I in no way condone the behaviour of these misfits even tho I am one…

But before I do that, I gotta comment on how much this sucks. Well, I don’t really mean it sucks (cause it doesn’t) but how hard it is to come up with a reason to write on here. I don’t know how Mikey does it. When I said I had nothin to write about, did u think I was kiddin? I wasn’t…

Speaking of daunting,  do u think it will be daunting for the Canadien’s to harness OV today or is he a Joe Thornton big game player? The evidence is startin to mount ya know. It started in the World Junior Championships when poor lil Alex was hit repeatedly. After the first period, he wanted to take his puck n go home. He may as well have. The Russians got bombed. Then the Oly’s – no Alex. Russia? Bombed. Game one ‘gainst the Habs? No Alex. Bet he got bombed. Vodka da! Read the rest of this entry »

Testing, One, Two, Three. . .

“Either make the tree food, and his fruit good;  Or else make the tree corrupt, and his food is corrupt: For the tree is known by his fruit.” The Bible

Hi my name is Jimmy n as you may or may not know, our dearest Mikey has asked me to fill in for him while he’s um ahem, on holiday…

Vacations or holidays should always be an adventure shouldn’t they? So Mexico’s nice n a Mexican prison would certainly be an adventure so yea, have fun Mikester. Great travel agent btw.

People keep askin me why I don’t have a blog of my own n I always tell them I don’t need one. I’ve got Mikey’s. Now, I really do bwahahahaha! Actually, my standard answer is that I don’t have anyting to say. This proves it. I don’t. I was gonna tell u bout my first foray into public speakin cause this is kinda the same thing. I was asked by a friend to be his best man n MC at his wedding. Of course I said sure. How hard could that be?

My buddy’s uncle or somethin was one of them Toastmaster Int’l dudes n he’s givin me all sorts of advice speakin to large groups of people. I hadn’t given it a second thought. As soon as he said it though, I thought of a Seinfeld bit where he quotes a statistic which says death is the second worst fear of Americums – number one bein public speaking. To ‘wit’, jerry points out you’d rather be the guest of honour at a funeral than give the eulogy blah, blah, blah… ha-ha-ha w/e…

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sweet spots


k cool pic from a game that dint go how i predicted it would.  i like this pic cause 1st of all there all lookin at the puck like they should be n 2nd cause it looks at first like galiardi of the avs is stuck wit 3 guys round him but if u look u can see that the 2 guys behind him r both movin slow n no threat to him n the dman #40 is not in a great spot cause u dont want the atacker turnin towards the center of the ice … n the dman is now at the spot where he proly needs to be turnin to skate forward but hes in a bad spot to do it cause if he does galiardi could go round him to the dmans right or left … yea its cool to watch this play develop … i wish i had the next pic Read the rest of this entry »